Here’s Looking At You, Kid

film 2

Give them pleasure. The same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.” – Martin Scorsese

If you love movies enough, you can make a good one.” – Quentin Tarantino

When people go to a museum they can just stand there and admire all the paintings for hours. They have their own interpretations of what they see, and can get lost in the beauty of the art. Well to me, I see no difference when it comes to film. Recently i’ve been putting up some scenes from my favorite films on Facebook and i thought hell, why not write a blog about it. I’ll get it out of my system now so i can save my friends the misfortune of me fangirling about a movie in person. I assume very few actually know that the layout of my blog is actually based off the Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo, which was just ranked the greatest film of all time by Sight and Sound magazine.

All my life i’ve been passionate about film, but was never really aware of how much passion. For as long as i could remember it’s been a part of me, I would go with my family to a store and i’d tell them where i’d go, they’d know where to find me if i wasn’t with them. I was in the movie department of course. Just observing all the movies, sometimes for as long as the time were at the store. Which could be hours at times. However It wasn’t until the past year after taking an film intro class for college that i understood the joy a movie brings, and its significance. That class was just the little push needed. Being so ecstatic for film may sound silly to some, because movies are something that most people would find mediocre. Like when you’re going to a movie with a bunch of friends, most wouldn’t really focus on the masterpiece in front of them. Until someone realizes how much goes into a film, Then one can truly understand the beauty of it.

What you need is that one movie that will blow the doors off to really progress your excitement. For the hour or so that you dedicate to a movie, your reality is engulfed to it. It isn’t your interest to what the other people around you are doing, and whatever happening in your life isn’t of your concern for those couple hours. For that short time, your life is on that screen.

The production of a film is incredible. Something that is often under-appreciated is just how many people put an effort to one film. To really understand the work input, I decided to pop in one of my favorite films, ‘The Departed’ and counted every name I could during the ending credits (also known as, “the boring part.”) I got 327 names. Every working member has a shot to put their touch on the canvas of a film masterpiece. From the big guys like the Director and Screenwriters, to the little guys like the caterer, everyone has a part. So no matter how terrible a movie may seem, I personally don’t believe any film can be deemed as a failure. There’s too much of a group production, working together, putting hundreds of hours of their lives into the two hours of yours.

Knowing this information, when im going through the movie department and I see that a movie is around 20 dollars, I don’t think “20 dollars? Ughh.” I think of the effort from all the people, the blood sweat and tears, and think “ONLY 20 DOLLARS? WHAT A COUNTRY!” No matter how badly i wan’t to crap on a movie like Transformers, when i think of everything that was put into it, i can’t.


That’s the great thing about movies. Since it’s an art, no one is to say that your taste is bad, it’s a preference. Who’s to tell you what you love, and what’s right? You don’t know what’s going through the mind of everyone in production. No one can truly be certain of the message being put out, only the person working behind it truly knows. So who’s to really decipher an artist’s expression? No one but that person. Before anyone can say a movie is bad, im sure another filmgoer will think their taste is bad as well. It’s all about preference.

Movies are art, and if you can’t love them than you can at least appreciate them. I can’t imagine the world without film, we’ve gotten so used to it that we’re quick to forget the novelty that is a movie. I don’t see a world without it, because the magic of a film is in all of us. We all have our stories to tell, and everyone has that creativity, you just need that little push to make your masterpiece. As for me, i’m going to enjoy movies for the rest of my life, always. And i hope to share some of the greatness with you. So go out and enjoy a great movie, there’s more to it than you think. I leave you with this, here’s looking at you kid. Take care fellow cinema lovers.


Local 7-Year-Old upset over receiving Stupid Goldfish for Easter.


Easter is one of the wonderful times for families to come together and bond over delicious food, enjoy great company, and most importantly to recognize Christ.

Unfortunately, this was all but so for one perturbed young soul.

It is reported that local resident Thomas “Tommy” Ashton has been throwing somewhat of a hissy fit over receiving “Stupid” Goldfish instead of candy for the third year in a row. Like most kids his age, Tommy was expecting an Easter basket full of the annual chocolate eggs, Reese’s cups, and Peeps. Instead, he was given a burlap sack chock full of Goldfish packs plus a subscription to Zoobooks. The crappiest of all children’s magazines.

In short, Tommy was in a complete absence of all happiness and retorted with a violent slew of words towards his parents. To keep this article accurate, we will give you what he said in all caps.


Tommy was briefly distracted by a squirrel jumping from one tree to another.


We counted 7 stupids.

Sources say that sibling Michael,15, informed that he could give a crap about his brother, or anything Easter related, aggressively stormed to his room and proceeded to blast Megadeth’s, “Rust In Peace” album. When asked why he turned the volume up to number 11, (exceeding LOUD) he answered that he needed that little push over the cliff.

We weren’t aware at the time that he was attempting a Spinal Tap joke, which only pissed him off even more. We’re sorry Mikey, (Can we call you Mikey?) it was an honest mistake.

We we’re eager to help the young Tommy, (who soiled himself in frustration) so we consulted to his parents Dean and Mary on why they insist on giving their son the piece-o-crap snack per year.

“Is that even a question?” Dean pompously replied.

“As a mother, i look out for the benefit of my son.” Mary kindly said, “And if that’s giving Thomas goldfish instead of skittles, then so be it. It saves him the inevitable doom of being strapped down in a dentist’s office having cavities filled in. He doesn’t realize that now because he’s so young. But when he does, i’ll be ready with arms wide open.”

Mary then bashfully admitted that “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed is actually her most favorite song of all time. Sources agreed that Mary was right to feel timid, and should’ve kept that information to herself.

Mary’s husband Dean then quickly intervened with a typical dad rant.

“I don’t know what the kid’s complaining about, he doesn’t even know what pain is. Know what i had to deal with when i was his age? In the winter i would warm up a potato for three minutes in the microwave, walk to school with that bad boy to keep me warm, and then y’know what i would do? I would EAT that potato for lunch. THAT’S called overcoming and adapting! Now all they wanna do is play Gamebox and sleep all day. If you wanna put some money in your pocket and a girl in shotgun, GET OFF YER ARSE AND DO SOMETHING WITH YER LIFE!”

Sources confirmed that Dean is a Douchebag.

It was then where thing’s turned ugly. After Dean was said and done with his spiel, it was a given to Mary that her husband is a meathead. Mary therefore was encouraged to discuss family priorities with her husband the meathead for the sake of the Ashtons. Being the meathead Dean is, the conversation progressed negatively into a scream fest that ended with, “Yeah well you suck just like your Roast Beef.”

Quickly aware of the possible consequences of what he said, Dean tried to pass off his statement as an April fool’s joke. A joke that WOULD’VE been pulled off cleverly but alas, he was off by one day.

In retortion to Dean’s inevitable menace, Mary then angrily grabbed her husband’s most prized possession, a Michael Vick autographed football, and threw it to their dogs to go to town on. And that they did.

Two hours later, Mary realized the irony of her actions, and laughed.

Since the unfortunate events that transpired that fateful evening, The husband and wife agreed to handle things more maturely from then on, to be an example to their children.

Sources say Michael still doesn’t give a crap though.

But wait, you’re probably asking yourself…What of our Protagonist Tommy?

About 30 minutes after events of the Goldfish, Tommy quickly forgot of any hatred he had for his parents and Goldfish when his favorite show The Walking Dead came on. Tommy’s poor 7-year-old mind gave in of course, to the violent nature of the program. That being something that his parent’s didn’t care too much about. Because hey, as long as they’re not showing graphic nudity then its okay, right?

Hatred was forgotten due to The Walking Dead.

Sources however confirm that Tommy still and will forever hate Zoobooks, just like every other kid in America.

The objectification of Women.

Please watch the video below before reading 🙂

Alright, i know you’re probably as surprised as i am that im not writing a satirical piece, like i usually do. However i saw a video earlier that caught my attention, a topic that has bothered me for quite a while now. 

I usually avoid speaking on touchy subjects, or “preaching” if you may because i too, am flawed and don’t want you to think that im “Holier than thou”, because im not. But if you feel that there’s something good you have to say, why not spill it out. As you saw in the video above, the problem we’re looking at here is the objectification of women. Essentially that being when women are taken advantage of, are not taken seriously, and are viewed more so as objects rather than what anyone should be looked at as, a human being.

Anyone that would disagree that this isn’t a problem have really got to open their eyes to the reality of objectification. Constantly i see women being objectified. I see it on television, i see it on the internet, i see at school, it’s inescapable. I’m a 19 year old guy, trust me i hear it from plenty of men my age as well to more than testify to this bizarre act that shouldn’t even be considered a norm. There’s more to it than you think, it’s really more than just saying a rude comment towards a woman.

What i personally believe is one of the leading causes in objectification is ignorance and callous behavior. It’s not a thought process when a guy makes a comment about a girl’s body, most could care less or dont even think that a simple sentence could do a lot of emotional damage to a woman. The problem is you don’t know the power your words possess. Another problem is that we’re so used to seeing objectification in the media. I would frequently ask my sister’s when watching a show on tv, if it bothers them that the women on the program are seen mainly as objects. They would respond with yes, but that they’re so used to it by now. Seriously? We shouldn’t be used to something that’s so irrational.

Studies show that objectification can cause social anxiety, sexual dysfunction, self consciousness, depression and so on. There’s a very long list, feel free to research it if you don’t believe me.

Like i mentioned earlier, the big problem is ignorance. Most dont think about what they’re doing. So to help you understand, look at it this way. This is for all the men: All those carnal things that you have to say, every single word and thought…picture another guy having those intentions with your sister. Or any female relative that’s close to your heart. It burns because you know it’s not right, and you’re actually thinking about someone who means a lot to you now. I can’t blame you for having thoughts because you’re human. But what’s important is how you act upon those desires. Because there’s a consequence to everything you do. Not only are you hurting another person, but you are too hurting yourself. With every single thing you do, you have to live with it. So before you plan on making a booty call, think about how you might have to share those experiences to your wife or child one day. Also it’s not rocket science to know whether or not you’re being rude another individual. I’m sure your mother has taught you better on how to treat a lady, and if she hasn’t then pick up on common sense. Who you’re insulting is another person that has a story, feelings, and a soul. Just like you. All i ask for you to please just think about what comes out of your mouth. People dont forget about what you say, especially if it’s something cynical. Also, if it weren’t for a woman you wouldn’t be here.

You’re ruining a person’s life, Bro.

But to the few gentleman that actually treat women with respect, i applaud you. You’re a rare breed, so keep on doing what you do but dont get cocky. I wish for the best for you guys.

To the ladies: Stick up for yourself, please. Dont let a man bring you down or make you feel any less significant than him. You’re just as important, you’re a strong living breathing person with a beating heart and feelings, and you deserve more than to be pushed around and ignored. You have to make your voice heard or you’re just going to keep getting mistreated. That’s the sad and honest truth. Don’t be used to the way a majority of society looks at you. Every girl and person alike living have a quality beyond fathom. Every human alive is a gift from God, one day you will recognize it. But if you’re living in doubt, allow me to tell you that you’re special now. Chin up, there are good things in store for you. There is always hope.

Also not trying to flatter here, but usually guys need the girls more than you need us. Just saying. That’s why we call you the better half. Us men put on a macho man, tough guy attitude, but ultimately I haven’t met a dude who doesn’t want a soul mate in the end. That’s the way it works. Most men…are big babies.

So what can we do to somewhat try to resolve this ongoing problem? My answer is this, just be aware. Have a filter with the things you say, and think about how you can effect someone deeply with your words. No matter how much someone will try to convince you that words dont hurt, they do. And there can be some serious consequences. So contrary to that, strive to say good things and be a good person. Not only will you benefit the other person, but you will develop a positive change within yourself that will keep on growing with good deeds.

Take care of yourselves always, and go out of your way to do good. The world needs it.



Psychology. Why write about it? Because Psychology is relevant to anything and everything you do in life, without you thinking it. Subconsciously, or -that word again- Psychologically. And just like Psychology, my blog is relevant to everything and everything you do in life. No seriously, i had lunch with the mayor this past afternoon to discuss when we’re putting up my statue. He said “Not right now.” And gingerly went about his business. But in reality…he actually told me “Tomorrow Dammit. On the fly”. Wanna know how i know that?


You see, at the time the mayor said with his words “Not right now,”But his eyes. HIS EYES told me a whole different story. And with this story, came the fortunate news of the long awaited statue that’s due t-t-t-today, Junior’!

today junior

That my friends is called body language, which is indeed a strong branch on the fine tree of Psychology. And this tree is made of Oak. The classiest of all trees.

Now you might be asking yourself, why didn’t he just tell you in person Daniel? Would’ve saved you the trouble really. Simple. The mayor didn’t want to flatter me and boost my- what? my EGO. There’s Ego, Super-ego and ID. Relevant.


Side note: ID is my personal favorite. ID is when you want immediate personal satisfaction without thinking of it. Kind of like every person i meet, once they take a glance at me they’ll stop at nothing to shake my hand. Not caring about who’s mother they have to punch in order to bask in the glory that is me.

The wikipedia definition of psychology is “an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors.”

UGH. BOOOORING. Essentially, psychology is the study of all the things we do in life, and why. That’s more of the Daniel term for it. And trust me, if it’s related to me you know it’s good. So that’s why i encourage you to use my term instead: Psychology-ification. You sound ten times smarter when you put it that way, trust me you’ll be the coolest kid in school. The elegance radiates off my tongue when i say it. I swear, you won’t even need to go out with your monocle anymore to prove you got class.


I’ve been monocle free for nearly two month’s now, thanks to Psychology-ification

Warning: Side effects may be BABES.

What’s an example of psychology you ask? I would be more than happy to oblige you. Recently a university (that will remain anonymous) stopped by my college to promote their own. Upon entering, there was a table to the right of me with an abundance of information packets of this university. As i was going to to continue to my class, a sharp dressed gentleman working on behalf of the university stopped me and said, “Hello sir, have a pen for class.” And then i said, “Thanks” and proceeded.

However on a side note, i will refrain from using the word “Sharp” ever again for the rest of my life. You see, one of the courses i currently take in college is Fundamentals of Music. Since this class is for beginner’s like me, you can imagine how often the term “Sharp” is exhausted. Therefore i’ve developed a hatred and personal vendetta for that word, and every time i hear it it’s kind of like hearing this:


If that doesn’t suffice, than it pretty much sounds like the extent of any heinous relatable category imaginable. I go out of my way to use the polar opposite of sharp, i don’t care if you have to be knived to death with a dull blade, it’ll happen. I’m resilient as hell. “You” of course being a steak dinner. Cause who wouldn’t want a steak dinner?! Instead of using the “S” word, im going to substitute it with Colon. Something tells me the Colon-Dressed man wouldn’t appreciate that however. But hey, he’s still Colon baby.

Anyway, what did the pen have to do with this? On it, there was the name of the university and its website. Now, their intention’s for me are when i’m jotting down notes for a class, or giving out my number (cause you know i don’t) to take a peep at the pen. And when i look at this pen, they want curiosity to take its natural toll on me, check out the website, and the rest is history.


Psychological advertising i believe. There are many theories along the lines of this example im sure, but the pinnacle of all this analytical nonsense is that the university wanted you to know about it. And i’ll bet a majority of society would give it a shot.



I am completely content with where i am, thank you very much! I like my little community college, and im sure it like’s me back because only a fool wouldn’t. If they didn’t, they can take me on for all i care.

“I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to take on me.” – Dwight Schrute

So on the contrary to your intention’s Mr. Fancy University, i wont fall into your little trap. Although it was a damn good attempt. Not many can honestly say they’ve pulled a fast one on Daniel. Although i’ve come short many times to the one and only Mariella. Also known as, the giver of my birth. But she’s a step up in evolution i’m convinced. If you’d meet her you’d understand. So instead of succumbing into a psychological fall, i think instead ill chew on the pen during class and think about Pearl Jam. When really I should be focusing on my Colons.

Also, a little tip of advice for the university. It’s against the rules of nature to promote your own crap on another one’s turf. JEEEEZ have we not learned ANYTHING from West Side Story? You don’t go around stepping on others’ toes. It’ll only result in some serious yet carefully and charismatically choreographed dance brawls.

Jets v. Sharks Battle


Like the example above, movies are an easy way to learn things psychologically because they know you’re too lazy to crack open a book, so what do they do? Put the morals on the big screen! You just might learn something without even realizing it.


So when you think of Psychology, just remember me. And remember that Psychology-ification is probably the worst take on anything Psychological in the history of humanity. But…in doing this, maaaaaaybe it’ll encourage you to actually study the field of psychology, and all of it’s analytical glories. Because if you do, i’m 110 percent sure that you’ll only benefit. Maybe, just maybe….that’s what i wanted all along?