Some info about your boy D-Rex

Photo on 2-19-13 at 4.10 PM

Hello. my name is Daniel Steven Fuica, (Fwee-ka) in a week ill be 19 years old and life couldn’t be any more abismal. Just kidding! My life is wonderful.

To some I am referred to as Danimal, D-Rex, or my personal favorite, the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla. Just kidding, no one calls me any of these things. But it can’t hurt to pretend right? I actually just prefer being called Daniel or Dan. But never, ever EVER call me Danny. Brings me back to the days when the elderly relatives would pinch my cheeks (not the ones on my face) and tell me how cute i was. Keyword, was. There’s only 1 person in the world who i’m fine with being called Danny, and im pretty sure she secretly hates my guts.

I’m one of six children. The middle child. Yes, being in the middle i still get a fair amount of love from my parents. They didn’t forget about me or worse, haul me up in the attic feeding me only chicken bones or cold aged broth. No, we do that to my little brother Paul cause no one cares about him. Jajajaja! AND if we’re feeling generous we give him both in one, also referred to as the worst meal you can possibly imagine! We like to play a game called “What’s in my soup?” HA! The rest of my siblings and i then sip wine and enjoy conversation in the living room while ignoring the thumps coming from the attic. If it becomes irritating however, we give a couple taps to the ceiling with a broom. Paul get’s the picture by then and quiets down. It’s either that or he’s passed out due to the lack of water we don’t give him. Cheers!


Just kidding!!! Before you file that lawsuit or hang me, that’s all a huge lie. See what happens when your mind is full of nonsense?

Paul along with the rest of my siblings are loved very very dearly by my parents and I. There’s not one of my family member’s whom i dont cherish. They’re all very warm and loving people.

All sarcasm and satire aside, I like to think of myself as a kind, understanding, and loving person. From what you’ll see on here you’d probably think i was this obnoxious fruit who sits at the mall for hours making fun of the people walking around, takes a bus home, and then warms up microwave burritos and falls asleep. Repeat.

No, my blog is just the place where i like to unwind, and have “creative freedom”, if you may. Contrary to the “character” i portray in this blog, im actually very very shy in person. Especially to those who im not familiar with. I can even be very quiet to the people im most comfortable with. However i do have my creative bursts at times, and when you get me going with a good conversation i won’t stop.

I’m very friendly and easy to get along with, i wouldn’t judge you most importantly. I like to think everyone’s different, and just because i wouldn’t exactly agree with your views doesn’t mean you’re “weird” or wrong. Some perspectives just dont see eye to eye and that’s fine, we should all have a chance to be understood.

I look forward to new friendship’s and encourage others to be the best they can be. A lot of people dont see the novelty they have within themselves and i like for them to realize that they’re special and important to the world. Any human with a heartbeat is a blessing that we always seem to take advantage of. Your existence is essential to society, so dont let yourself go unheard because you greatness can move mountains. All you need is a little push. Hopefully, i can give you that push. Importantly, go out of your way to show your love for others, and you will get it back. I promise

So if you dont know me well, please talk to me! I’d love to get to know you.

Last thing, im also a pretty big geek. I love film and music, and one easy way to get me talking is about film or the latest song that comes out. However not being a song like “Tik Tok.” *Facepalm*

Hopefully all these “info”s tell a little bit about me. I’m also very short, i like to keep that a sidenote. Imagine if i was tall though? Move out of the way Channing Tatum, sexy has a new name! In my dreams, maybe.

That’s enough out of me for now though, i wish you all the best. Thank you again for checking out my blog and always come back soon, because im sure to post something within a week. Whether its ridiculous or somewhat serious. Because when you’re at my blog you get the best of both worlds. Just like Hannah Montana. (She’s Hawwwt) I bet you thought i was gonna write “Because when you’re here you’re family.” right? Ha!


Screw you Olive Garden!

Peace, Love, and laughs everybody.

Sincerely, Daniel Fuica

Photo on 2-19-13 at 4.04 PM #2

(Like the pics? It’s to show how deep i am. I think these pics were taken somewhere around the 100th take.)


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