Here’s Looking At You, Kid

film 2

Give them pleasure. The same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.” – Martin Scorsese

If you love movies enough, you can make a good one.” – Quentin Tarantino

When people go to a museum they can just stand there and admire all the paintings for hours. They have their own interpretations of what they see, and can get lost in the beauty of the art. Well to me, I see no difference when it comes to film. Recently i’ve been putting up some scenes from my favorite films on Facebook and i thought hell, why not write a blog about it. I’ll get it out of my system now so i can save my friends the misfortune of me fangirling about a movie in person. I assume very few actually know that the layout of my blog is actually based off the Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo, which was just ranked the greatest film of all time by Sight and Sound magazine.

All my life i’ve been passionate about film, but was never really aware of how much passion. For as long as i could remember it’s been a part of me, I would go with my family to a store and i’d tell them where i’d go, they’d know where to find me if i wasn’t with them. I was in the movie department of course. Just observing all the movies, sometimes for as long as the time were at the store. Which could be hours at times. However It wasn’t until the past year after taking an film intro class for college that i understood the joy a movie brings, and its significance. That class was just the little push needed. Being so ecstatic for film may sound silly to some, because movies are something that most people would find mediocre. Like when you’re going to a movie with a bunch of friends, most wouldn’t really focus on the masterpiece in front of them. Until someone realizes how much goes into a film, Then one can truly understand the beauty of it.

What you need is that one movie that will blow the doors off to really progress your excitement. For the hour or so that you dedicate to a movie, your reality is engulfed to it. It isn’t your interest to what the other people around you are doing, and whatever happening in your life isn’t of your concern for those couple hours. For that short time, your life is on that screen.

The production of a film is incredible. Something that is often under-appreciated is just how many people put an effort to one film. To really understand the work input, I decided to pop in one of my favorite films, ‘The Departed’ and counted every name I could during the ending credits (also known as, “the boring part.”) I got 327 names. Every working member has a shot to put their touch on the canvas of a film masterpiece. From the big guys like the Director and Screenwriters, to the little guys like the caterer, everyone has a part. So no matter how terrible a movie may seem, I personally don’t believe any film can be deemed as a failure. There’s too much of a group production, working together, putting hundreds of hours of their lives into the two hours of yours.

Knowing this information, when im going through the movie department and I see that a movie is around 20 dollars, I don’t think “20 dollars? Ughh.” I think of the effort from all the people, the blood sweat and tears, and think “ONLY 20 DOLLARS? WHAT A COUNTRY!” No matter how badly i wan’t to crap on a movie like Transformers, when i think of everything that was put into it, i can’t.


That’s the great thing about movies. Since it’s an art, no one is to say that your taste is bad, it’s a preference. Who’s to tell you what you love, and what’s right? You don’t know what’s going through the mind of everyone in production. No one can truly be certain of the message being put out, only the person working behind it truly knows. So who’s to really decipher an artist’s expression? No one but that person. Before anyone can say a movie is bad, im sure another filmgoer will think their taste is bad as well. It’s all about preference.

Movies are art, and if you can’t love them than you can at least appreciate them. I can’t imagine the world without film, we’ve gotten so used to it that we’re quick to forget the novelty that is a movie. I don’t see a world without it, because the magic of a film is in all of us. We all have our stories to tell, and everyone has that creativity, you just need that little push to make your masterpiece. As for me, i’m going to enjoy movies for the rest of my life, always. And i hope to share some of the greatness with you. So go out and enjoy a great movie, there’s more to it than you think. I leave you with this, here’s looking at you kid. Take care fellow cinema lovers.


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