Marvin, what do you make of all this?

Man he doesn’t even have an opinion. And not just because you blew his head off silly silly John Travolta

We all have our familiar questions in life ladies and gentlemen.

Why does it hurt when i pee? Why does the shower sound like hissing demons? Where do babies come from? Folks, for some things we’ll just never have the answer, and that’s completely fine. Although i have strong confidence that we come from the bellybutton. (Also known as the “Umbilicus” for the scientist’s reading this.) That’s a discussion for another time.

Aside from the usual questions us curious humans ask, one question in particular that has been raised a lot to me lately. And no, its not “Haii, wuss dat thing on yor ear?”

“You JUST got Pulp Fiction now?”

Which is usually followed by something like “Dooood, you havent LIIIIIIVED.”

I can see why people would react this dramatically. Not just because Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest films ever made, but if you know me, you know that i LOVE film with a passion. Like, an Edward and Bella kind of love. It’s getting pretty serious guys, I’m about ready to make it Facebook official.

Hell, i love film so much that i refer to all movies as FILM, and nothing else.

“Hey, did you catch that new flick that came out?” “As a matter of fact i haven’t….but i did see that new film if that’s what you mean.”


There’s even a name for people that love film like i do. Since “People who sit around and watch films for fun” sounds too lazy, the correct term is Cinephile. Now….that is not to be mistaken for Pedophile. You wouldn’t believe the crap i got for that.

“Now show us on this doll where the bad man touched you.”

I will uncover the mystery now. Growing up in a Christian household, i dont think my parents would be too fond of letting me watch the intensity that is Pulp Fiction, or any other film of that nature. As you all saw, the scene up there isn’t exactly happy family friendly cinema. I dont blame them for not wanting to defile my beautiful pure virgin eyes. Alright….actually i have a guilty confession to make…these eyes aren’t that innocent. I may or may not have seen a nipple at the superbowl.

So yup, thats it. My parents were looking out for me. that was totes the truth. And nothing but the truth so help me God.


Help me God, that wasn’t the truth.

Okay folks, the REAL truth is…….for a good majority of my life, i was terrified of violent or scary films. (I dont know, im a sensitive guy! Sue me!) So what do you get when you put the violent and scary elements together? We call that a cinematic living Hell. Perfect example of this, the Saw series.


It was the end of 6th grade, everybody who was anybody had a graduation party. (Of course i didn’t have one,  so that means i was a nobody. But momma says there’s nothing wrong with being different.) So i was invited to a friends party and thought “Sure, whats the worst that can happen? It’s not like there’s going to be a Saw II viewing at this party.”



Much to my misfortune they DID show Saw II, and yes you guessed it, I was terrified. “oh…oh….OH MY GOD! THAT BLADE DOESNT BELONG THERE! HOW DID THAT FREAKIN’ KEY GET BEHIND THERE?! JUST HACK IT OFF ALREADY YOU IDIOT YOU’RE DYING!”

I remember before the movie started i approached a friend of mine (who will remain anonymous) and said “Hey…if there’s any scary parts coming up, just let me know okay?

She responded with “…..You’re joking right?”

I retorted with “….uhhh YEAH! psshhh come on, you think i was serious??? hahaha lets go watch this movie already.”  I was digging my own grave. Let’s just say after the horrors of that viewing, i didn’t make any appearances at graduation parties that summer. I was just glad that my Saw viewing days were over.

Fast forward a couple years, another friend of mine (who will remain anonymous) was having a birthday party. After the Saw stint, i kept a low profile with parties. But this person was a really good friend, so it’s not like i wasn’t gonna go. I thought to myself, “Self, go ahead and have fun. This is one of your best friend’s here so what can happen? Its not like there’s going to be a Saw 4 viewing at this party.”



Alas, all the idiots in attendance decided they wanted to watch the latest Saw movie. It was at that moment i thought, “God…..Why do you hate me?”

I wasn’t gonna go upstairs and hang out with all the old people! Ewww! So yes, we all proceeded to watch Saw 4. I sat behind this big chair the whole time making bizarre comments pretending i was all cool with a K. When in reality, just like 6th grade Daniel…..i was terrified.


After that, this guy wasn’t present at any parties. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that my fear of aggressively violent movies decided to fade away. Just like that, poof. Often i think to myself, couldn’t that have come sooner? Before i nearly crapped my pants at any film that would come my way? It just disappeared and i couldn’t be happier. Now, my film life has been running really smooth, no problems watching a movie like Pulp Fiction or Django Unchained.

If you were to come up to me now and ask to watch a Saw movie, HELL! I’d say put it in. Test me. Let’s go a couple rounds Jigsaw. Back then i was Daniel, but now i am Danimal. And i have no fear for any movie. You hear that you stupid tricycle riding puppet?



So Marvin, what DO you make of all this?



glen coco


Fun. 2 for you. Black keys? 3 FOR YOU BLACK KEYS! YOU GO BLACK KEYS! And uh, Momford and Sons. Do we have a Momford and Sons here? “It’s Mumford” Oh Mumford here you go, 1 best album of the year award for you.

And none for Jack White bye.

sad jack

I Had A Dream.

A sincere sorry in advance, this post isn’t relevant to Martin Luther King Jr. But hey we love that guy anyway. Respect MLK, respect.

No no, i had a wonderful dream last night. And before you get your hopes up, it WASN’T about intercourse, you bloodthirsty perverts. I dreamt that i was hanging out, chatting with Mike McCready.

mike mccready

To those that dont know who Mike McCready is, he’s the guitarist of this little band called Pearl Jam (OH GAWD HERE HE GOES AGAIN WITH HIS STUPIT ROCK BAND! HA! GAAAAY!)

I should’ve known it was a dream to begin with. Because 1, Why would Mike have any interest in sitting down and talking to me in the first place, was he mistaking me for Tom Selleck or something? Im not that cool! (although from a distance, in the right lighting, with my head tilted the right way, sporting the right smolder, Tom and i bare a TAD resemblance.)

im not cool

The most Mike would say to me in person is, “Hey buddy, i hope you enjoyed the show. What’s that? No, i wont sign your ass.”

I played the simulation in my head a million times.

2.  The dream started in mid conversation. Clearly irrational. However did that occur to Dreaming Daniel? Hell no! Dream Daniel was talking to Mike McCready. Nothing would’ve got my attention at the time. Not even if someone told me that there would be another Star Wars film coming out. PSH! like THAT will ever happen.

(Wait…that’s going to happen? Dammit!)

And lastly, the thing that should’ve given it away INSTANTLY…….i was tall.


Taller than Mr.McCready i believe. LOL. Okay Daniel. In your dreams. (See what i did there?)

Yes, the evidence was clearly displayed that it was in fact a dream, but i still rolled with it. Even if i was lucid dreaming, knowing that the Imposter McCready was just a figment of what i imagined Real McCready acted like, i still would’ve enjoyed the company of that two timing phony McCready. Wouldn’t you do the same thing if it was one of your heroes? ……Is it just me on this one?


Dammit Jonah, this is my blog and you’ve overstayed your welcome. Get the hell out of here.

As much as i enjoyed talking to the not real McCready, i vaguely remember what the chat was about. HOWEVER, i DO remember briefly discussing one of his recent Pearl Jam songs “Force Of Nature” (One of my personal favorites.) Specifically how he came up with with the gut busting, taste filled guitar solo at the end of it. (3:19)

Before he could explain however (“he” being my subconscious McCready again) he vanished….

Sadly…..I woke up.

I woke up……inhaled the smog filled air, and looked out to the city from my apartment window…..a routine i’ve become quite familiar with. I chose to ignore my nagging wife who’d eventually learn that the term “IDGAF” has very much applied to me. Mediocrity…..has become the blackhole in my life, Sucking in anything of the positive. Hope has just become a four letter word to me, Along with love. Take that word and say it backwards, what do you get? Thats what it really is. Clocking in to the deadbeat day job and coming home to what used to be….embracing it and learning to like it…until i cry myself to sleep……….Repeat.



Wow! talk about depressing, sorry folks. I decided to put on my Harvey Keitel face and go medieval on you girl scouts. Like that? I think ill call it “Tales of a less fortunate man”.

I hope you all know that was a joke, i certainly do love my life. and you should too! Meaning you should love my life, ha! Im so clever!

Contrary to my bloodbath up there, Pennsylvania is quite the smog free environment. So i enjoy the liberty of breathing in the fresh air and appreciating that i have it. My life is NOT mediocre, because it is filled with great people that always keep in interesting, and most importantly knowing i have a God who loves me.

As for the nagging wife, well….im not married yet. Probably wont be for a tad while. However, im certain future Daniel is a gentleman and would know better to respect his wife and not call her naggy, because she certainly deserves better. You’re the one that married her you moron! (Am i pursuing a strange fight with my future self right now? Hello, Looper!) Best BELIEVE you better “GAF” at all times, because she’s yo woman! You hear that future wife? Wherever you are, and whoever you are, I LOVE YOU!

Peace be with you dudes! And stay tuned til next time!

Oh one sidenote, apparently so far my page has 80 views to it. Hooray! I’d like to thank my mom for viewing my page 80 times.